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Safety & Security

The safety and security of our students is a priority at PSD and taken very seriously.

We have several fire drills per academic year along with lock-down and shelter-in-place drills. PSD has formed a relationship with nearby Germantown Life Enrichment Center as our mass evacuation site if ever needed. We also have developed relationships with our local police districts and fire houses. PSD has three security guards at our disposal who patrol our campus regularly, when school is in session.

For students that have mobility issues, PSD staff are specifically trained on procedures to evacuate for all drills and emergency situations. These procedures are practiced at each school drill.

All of PSD's buildings are equipped with both auditory and visual alarm systems.

All visitors to our campus that have an appointment, are expected to sign-in at the Administration Building front desk and present photo identification. Only then will they receive a temporary school-issued ID to enter the main campus. Visitors to our Early Childhood building may enter at that entrance on Coulter Street to sign-in and receive their temporary ID. All visitors are escorted at all times by a PSD staff member and are escorted back to their original sign-in location once their visit has concluded.

To reach the PSD security office, please call 267-549-8068