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PSD is the First Deaf School in the Nation to recieve RAMP Status!

The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD) is the FIRST recognized ASCA (American School Counselor Association) Model Program (also known as RAMP) school for the deaf in the Nation! PSD is very proud to be among the caliber of schools that have received this recognition. We are equally proud of our Student Development Team for enabling us to achieve this status. It may be helpful to know that of other schools that serve the general population of students that are hearing, less than half of 1% receive RAMP status!

PSD received this distinguished recognition at the ASCA National Conference on June 30, 2015. PSD has now become the model school for other institutions serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students, as they begin their own journey to becoming a RAMP designated program.

PSD's credits this to our stellar Student Development Team, who is not only in compliance with national standards set by the ASCA, but are leaders in their field. Recognized ASCA Model Programs are data-driven, results-based, and designed to provide equal access to guidance and counseling for all students.

Program goals are based on feedback from parents, students, teachers, and the school community. These goals help the Student Development Team create developmental programming and strategies that provide our students with the tools to succeed in school and the world at large. PSD's proven counseling approach benefits the not only the individual student but contributes directly to the culture and climate of the school atmosphere. When counseling issues are met with experience, skill and proven methods, a student is free to engage fully in classroom work and projects. PSD's Student Development Team is engaged, creative and intuitive with the needs of our students.

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Our Student Development Team

Receiving Our RAMP Designation