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Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education here at PSD, promote fitness, knowledge and skills that lead to a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and making healthy choices. We do not emphasize competitive team sports but work to help our students develop a positive attitude toward physical activity for life.

Our Physical Education Program

  • Develops the whole person--cognitively, linguistically, ethically, emotionally and physically
  • Features both cooperative and competitive team games
  • Promotes setting individual and team goals and how to successfully work toward them
  • Actively teaches cooperation, fair play and responsible participation
  • Develops confident students ready to take on the challenges they may face

At PSD Health Education & Health Awareness go hand-in-hand for learners of all ages. Having healthy choices and learning how to make informed nutrition and fitness decisions are important to reaching and maintaining optimal physical and mental health. Formal Health Education begins in the Elementary grades, with human sexuality education taught by staff who have had special training.

Elementary through Secondary Clothing Policy
Students are required to wear sneakers and either pants, sweatpants, shorts/skorts. Girls must not wear dresses/skirts without shorts underneath.