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Friday Nite Live

The ONLY program of its kind in the Greater Delaware Valley!

Our Friday Nite Live program offers high school students opportunities to learn to manage independently in a world where the use of sign language is not the normal mode of communication.

Friday Nite Live is a program developed for deaf and hard-of-hearing high school students at PSD. In cooperation with the City of Philadelphia's Department of Human Services. Students ages 14 and older are able to participate in activities that will present deaf adult role models.

The program is also designed to provide a safe haven for teenagers where they can socialize with one another, problem solve, be creative as well as interact with deaf adults in an environment where they can feel safe.

Student are chaperoned by a team of adults who can fluently communication in ASL. To learn more about Friday Nite Live, please email Gail Bober at

Other Clubs and Organizations


With the re-establishing of the high school program at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, we resurrected the Junior National Association of the Deaf (Jr. NAD) Chapter and Student Council during the 2004-05 school year.

The Jr. NAD Chapter at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf is one of a coalition of individual chapters at junior high and high schools all over the nation affiliated with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and its Youth Program. Our organization is led by a Student Body Government who follows the basic principles of Leadership, Fellowship and Scholarship. Students meet once month and attend trips to other schools with chapters of the Jr. NAD to collaborate and learn more about how their respective organizations are run, how decisions are made for fundraisers and planning social events with one another. Members of the organization elect a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary every year and follow Parliamentary Procedures.

Our mission is to provide support for the needs of the school and student body and to address student concerns of and about the school programs and services. These officers perform specific duties throughout the year, such as fund-raising and hosting visitors who come on campus.


Students will work with various aspects of dramatic presentation, including staging, characterization, plot and scripting, and improvisation. They will also work and analyze film as a dramatic medium. The students will perform a live show.


Students work on all aspects of preparing the PSD yearbook, including time and task planning, graphic design, developing and applying new technological skills, photography, financial management, and working with an agency/consultant.


Students practice and perform together each year to represent PSD at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade! Participation encourages teamwork, creativity, responsibility and goodwill!