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Arts Classes

Preschool through High School
ARTISTIC CREATIVITY is incorporated in all we do!

Early Childhood art is all about exploration and learning through experience. We have lots of fun as we build, paint, sculpt and create with a large variety of materials.

Elementary and Middle School students learn to develop their skills with a wide range of media, studying both modern and historical artists. Our students create new work that reflects what they have learned from the art masters like Picasso, Dali, Pollock and others.

During High School young artists branch out to pursue their own interests and talents in areas of their choice, such as pottery, sculpture, graphic design, and painting. Freshmen ceramics classes have focused specifically on pottery developed in ancient cultures.

Learning about Deaf art and artists is an integral part of our program. In addition, PSD hosts a Art/Fashion Show Exhibit where students get the opportunity to showcase their individuality and creativity.

For information related to the Art program and this years Exhibit, please contact our Art Teacher, Meghan Devonshire at