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Community Outreach

PSD Helps to make the community DEAF AWARE! Our Community Outreach office does this daily by answering telephone, email, or letter requests for information about deafness, Deaf Culture, and sign language. We often attend community related events which support our school's mission and vision. We actively seek out new and creative ways to promote our students and school program.

Through our many connections with city and state entities as well as our local businesses and neighbors, we steadily bridge the gap between hearing and Deaf worlds. These efforts not only benefit our students but also the community as a whole.

For more information, please contact Karen Leslie-Henry at

Tips for Communicating with Deaf People

  • ASK the deaf person what is the best way to interact
  • WATCH facial expressions
  • LOOK directly at the person at all times when speaking
  • Be patient, calm and repeat if asked
  • DON’T exaggerate lip movements or shout
  • DON’T pretend to understand
  • Use paper and pencil if necessary
  • DON’T speak with any objects in mouth (gum) or cover mouth when speaking
  • DON’T speak to a deaf person with your back to a light, window, or mirror