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June Goodwin, President

Denise Brown, Executive Vice President

Greta Thomson, Vice President
Judy Schmitt, Vice President
Jeanette Boice, Vice President
Jack Reavy, Vice President

Jim Goodwin, Secretary

Marilyn Basch, Treasurer/Member Secretary

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History of PSD Alumni Association

The PSD Alumni Association was founded in 1914 at a meeting held in Wissinoming Hall on the old Mt. Airy campus. Its objectives were threefold: to promote fellowship among members, to perpetuate loyalty to their alma mater, and to hold reunions. At this time PSD was called P.I.D.D.

Since this time the group has continued to meet regularly for Alumni Days which often have included special dinners and dances as well as marathon games. A very large reunion took place in the in honor of the school's 150th birthday. This year a representative of the PSD Alumni Association was first appointed to serve on the PSD Board of Trustees and this position was held by Raymond Cockley.

Other highlights include the first issue of the PSD Alumni Newsletter which was published in 1972 and edited by Bob Geesey. Also, in June 1974, the PSD Board of Trustees elected its first Deaf Board member, Dr. Jay Basch, who is still a member of the Board of Trustees today.

The PSD Alumni Association celebrated the grandest Alumni Day in history on May 22, 1976, in honor of the Bicentennial Year of the USA and this event was held on the Mt. Airy campus with booths, games and a dinner/dance. In 1981 the PSD Alumni Association formed a special PSD Sports Hall of Fame Committee, for the purpose of honoring the many past outstanding alumni athletes of PSD, and in 1983 the PSD Alumni Association elected its first female President, Ceci Schmauser Hartman. This was the last year the Alumni Day was held on the Mt. Airy campus before PSD's move to Germantown in 1984.

The PSD Alumni Association continues to this day holding its annual reunion Alumni Day on a Saturday in late May. Many other events including Homecoming Basketball games and pizza parties for new graduates as well as many fund raising activities to help the current PSD are still happening today.