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PSD truly values those who lend their time and share their talents with us through service.

Throughout the years, volunteers have been vital to the success of PSD's mission and vision. Serving as a volunteer is another way to give generously to our PSD community. We have many departments on campus that can use a helping hand. Please know that signed communication proficiency (advanced or native) is required for all classroom volunteers.

Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, though if a volunteer is under 18 years old, they must complete a volunteer waiver form. All volunteers are also required to complete a State Police Clearance, FBI Clearance, and a Child Abuse Clearance. There is a fee that accompanies the clearance forms which would be the responsibility of the volunteer. The forms are below

  • Click Here - State Police Clearance Application
  • Click Here - FBI Fingerprint Clearance Application/Procedures (use code 1KG6TR)
  • Click Here - Child Abuse Clearance Application

Please make sure to indicate that you are requesting volunteer clearances, as there may be a price difference between employee vs. volunteer. (Hint - volunteer clearances are less expensive in most cases!)

If volunteering at PSD is something that you would like to pursue please complete this application.