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Thank you for your interest in The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf! We are a Pre- K to 12th grade school located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

If your son or daughter is admitted to PSD he/she will be attending a school that is committed to providing quality education and enriching life experiences aimed at developing your child to his/her fullest potential.


PSD provides a unique language and communication environment for students with educationally significant hearing losses. PSD’s learning environment is accessible through American Sign Language (ASL) and also through spoken English. We serve students whose primary receptive and expressive language for learning is ASL, as well as students whose primary receptive modality for learning is audition and whose primary expressive language is spoken English with sign language support.

Prospective students must be referred by their local school district or early intervention agency. While every effort is made to provide programs for children referred for enrollment, there may be some children for whom PSD is not an appropriate program. This includes, but is not limited to, students with severe behavioral or medical health needs and students with severe intellectual disabilities.

For more information and to see if PSD is the right fit for your family, please contact Melissa Draganac Hawk, Director of Student Affairs at or 267-728-1294


Approaching the threshold of our 200th anniversary, PSD is the third oldest school for the deaf in the nation. We value and recognize daily our place in history and the responsibility entrusted to us to educate the deaf and hard-of-hearing in our region. Your child will not only be attending a school, he or she will be joining a community and sharing in our legacy