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Student Services

American Sign Language Services

ASL Specialists provide American Sign Language support to Deaf students between the ages of 3 to 21. Students are supported to meet their language developmental milestones through consultation, pullout / integrated services and classroom instruction. Deaf studies and ASL as a foreign language is taught in High School.

Audiological Services

Audiologists perform annual hearing evaluations, dispense and maintain hearing aids and personal FM systems and troubleshoot cochlear implant equipment. They monitor classroom acoustics as well to support PSD's listening environment and maximize students' auditory potential.

Cochlear Implant Consultation

A Cochlear Implant Educational Consultant works with families and area hospitals to share information during hospital visits, pre/post-surgery. Supporting families and staff in post implant protocols has proven essential to the success of the device. Classroom staff are offered training in the use of listening and spoken language strategies.

Language and Learning go Hand-in-Hand!

Our team of professionals provides the following services to support learning and growth of each child. These related services and the specially designed instruction that is recommended are critical to our students’ success. Support services may be integrated in the classroom and/or provided as pullout, as indicated for individual students. Planning and consultation in a multidisciplinary team approach assures maximum benefit from the services provided.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT's) are professionals who work with children who have developmental delays in the areas of sensory processing and/ or motor skills. The OT works with the educational team to support students’ progress on individualized educational goals, so that they may better access the curriculum.

Some children receive OT services because of below age-level abilities in:

•fine motor skills/coordination

•visual-perceptual and perceptual-motor skills

•sensory processing skills/ sensory modulation

•organization of self and materials

•staying on task/ attention span

Physical Therapy

Educationally based physical therapy offers support to students with disabilities to increase their independence, success, and safety within the school setting. This is a related service and is provided to students by a licensed physical therapist when additional support and interventions are needed. These services assist the student to function successfully in the educational environment.

Speech Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists evaluate students' expressive and receptive language skills, listening and spoken language development, speech-reading and English grammar. Therapy focuses on enhancing communication skills, pragmatics and the development of linguistic concepts in both English and ASL. Augmentative communication devices may be a part of student’s communication needs and are supported by our staff as well.

Psycho-Educational Evaluations

School Psychologists review data, conduct cognitive, behavioral and academic evaluations and recommend strategies to support student achievement. Biennial re-evaluation reviews (RRs) are conducted.