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Special Education

This year, Special Education will be completely focused on transition to fulfill its mission of graduating students who are job-ready and are contributors to the workforce in their communities. This summer we have developed a relationship with the Deaf Senior Citizens agency Valley View. Middle School will be visiting there monthly, providing the students with volunteering experiences with Deaf people. This project allows the students to have volunteering experiences prior to them work in teams in high school volunteering at places like SHARE, Cradle to Crayons, etc. Another transition project that we have been working on this summer is the Engage Gardens which currently have 4 raised beds a small hoop house. We hope to partner with both Farm Philly and Pennypack farms as we develop this project further. This year high school will be primarily focused on preparation for joining the workforce. Even the elementary students will be focusing on transition through learning about community helpers and the work that they do. As always, we have made preparations to continue working together through the Chocolate Panther Baking Company. The Panther company continues to enable our kids to develop vital soft skills such as customer service, social interaction and, following directions while working in the PSD setting We have seen much growth in the students as they yearly build on what they previously learned. The continuity of this project has been beneficial for all of them. We look forward to serving the PSD staff again through this project.


The mission of the Engage Academy is to enable deaf students with developmental disabilities to discover their full potential through supportive education and life skills training. The Engage Academy at PSD is a program for students who need extra support. For more information regarding our Engage Academy, please contact Cynthia Sawyer, Engage Academy Director at

Our Engage Students learn about agriculture by managing our campus greenhouse which grows flowers and also, many of the herbs and vegetables they use in their baking!