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High School

The High School Department serves students Freshman through Senior year, while providing ongoing educational and job readiness support for students who exercise the option to stay at PSD through the age of twenty-one.

The High School Department’s focus is mainly academic while building upon the social, emotional and practical skills developed in our Early Childhood Education, Elementary and Middle School programs. One important goal of the High School Department is to place students in appropriate internships which provide real life work experience in various careers. These internships are a result of our Future Transitions courses and our partnership with Jewish Employment and Vocational Services (JEVS). Another goal of the High School Department is to prepare our students for post-secondary education which includes colleges and universities or vocational training through Hiram G. Andrews (HGA) by offering ACT testing and connecting students to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) for financial aid assistance.

PSD proudly collaborates with Mercy Vocational High School whereby our high school students, with an interest in a particular vocational program, may attend classes to acquire knowledge in a field that PSD is unable to offer them. Students participating in a program at Mercy Vocational High School must commit to all four years with parental permission. There may be fees incorporated with courses offered through Mercy which would be passed on to the PSD student/parents.