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Mission , Vision & Beliefs

Our Mission

The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf educates students to succeed by recognizing and developing individual strengths, building confidence, collaborating with families and communities in a nurturing, dynamic, and language-rich environment steeped in cultural awareness of Deaf, Hearing, and worldwide diversity.
(Adopted by Strategic Planning Committee, October 2013)

Our Vision

Educating students to become contributing and respected members and leaders of their communities and the world.

Our Beliefs

Language is the key to opening the world of learning to every child.

American Sign Language and English are both essential to students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and/or use cochlear implants or other assistive technology to build literacy and develop understanding and knowledge of the world.

Strategies that deepen our students' knowledge may include spoken language, sign language, speech reading, and other communication tools.

All students are capable of setting goals, growing and achieving when guided, nurtured and challenged...

Our students thrive when they have the knowledge and skills they need to self-advocate, pose and solve problems, and become critical and creative thinkers.

Every individual has strengths and the ability to contribute to improve their community and the world...
Our students thrive when the communities which support them partner with the school.

Our students are prepared for the 21st century by understanding with multiple perspectives and valuing diversity.

Ultimately, we believe in our students and they believe in us!

School Colors

Navy Blue


School Mascot

PSD Panther