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Board of Trustees

PSD's Board

The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (PSD) is fortunate to have such a diverse and well balanced Board of Trustees that meet four times per academic year.

All Trustees support PSD's success by actively planning and participating in board work, as well as lending their expertise via committee work.

All of PSD's Trustees are volunteers who generously provide their time, resources, and specialty services to our school, for which we are grateful.

Each Trustee holds a fiduciary responsibility focused on ensuring financial stability and success of PSD programs and longevity.

Various committees meet at PSD frequently throughout the academic year.

Inquiries pertaining to Board Meetings and Trustees should be directed to Kim Schlicher, Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Board of Trustees at

PSD Board of Directors 2018-19 School Year

Margaret Steele


Peggy Conver


Alexander Bilus, Esq.

Douglas E. Johnson

Don Peterson

Dr. Benjamin J. Soukup

Dr. Harvey Corson

Vice Chair

Shannon Farmer, Esq.


Edward H. Bosso, Jr.

Dr. Mary Karol Matchett

Michael Skolnick, AIA

Denise Tucker

Kelly Kindig, Esq.


Dr. Beth Benedict

June Goodwin

Dr. Elizabeth Moore

Dean Solis

Janet S. Weinstock